Western Salt Spreaders

Angelo's / SiteOne can supply all the high quality snow and ice removal equipment offered by Western. On this page you will find each option as well as some information meant to aid in your research. As always please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about what salt spreader is right for you by calling 1-877-264-3562

Model 1000 and 2000

These are two of the most popular tailgate salt spreaders available that have been serving the snow removal industry for many years. There are built with durability in mind and are backed by Western's warranty. There are various mounting options as well as controllers available and of course variable speed control, allowing you to turn up the power to ensure when its time to melt ice you do so in the most efficient way possible.

Model 110

The model 110 is a great option for versatility. This is standard with a swing mount installation system allowing easy access to the bed of your truck. As a low profile spreader there is also great visibility out of the cab. This is compatible with most vehicle models, call today to see whats right for you.

Model 2500

This is another great low profile option boasting the same advantages as the 110 about with greater capacity and speed. The Poly-ethylene Hopper has 8.5 Cu. Ft. Capacity and overall Dimensions are 40" Length X 50" Width X 25" Height. The spinner disk is 15" to cover a very wide spread radius. Again, for the best view out of the back of your truck go for low Profile Tailgate Salt Spreaders.

Model 500

This is another very versatile option. Once installed it comes on and off your tuck very easily by disconnecting the motor, removing a pin and sliding it off your hitch. This option is intended for compact pickups and SUVs with trailer class III hitch. Poly spinner and straps are standard. There are customized options for controls.

Pro Flo

This is the biggest hopper in the "MINI" spreader sphere. Its construction is guaranteed durable with Polyethylene. There is also the Western's Pro Flo 2, with an added conveyor drive system. This addition allows for the spread of a salt and sand mix.


This is Westerns most massive salt spreader option. Designed to put more control at your fingertips, the Tornado™ hopper spreader delivers maximum efficiency with salt and sand spreading operation through a variety of new and optimized performance features, including enhanced dual variable-speed control, convenient accessory hub, rear dump and work light buttons and easy electrical disconnect for the chute. Also designed with FLEET FLEX technology for easy interchange between electric hopper spreaders. The tornado has a single piece poly mold which makes it unparalleled in durability and quality. Its the perfect fit for your heavy duty pickup truck or dump ruck. There are many options for customization of controls and chute. The tornado also comes in three options for size.

As always if you have any questions at all about what spreader is right for your operation please don't hesitate to get in touch with the pros at Angelos today by calling 1-877-264-3562