Concrete Info And Concrete Tools

Here you will find U-Haul Ready Mix cement and concrete as well as the tools and accessories for concrete that Angelo's Supplies/SiteOne carries, perfect for all small jobs available in 1/4 Yard to 2 Yard Carts.From business complexes to backyard getaways, Angelo's Supplies/SiteOne carries everything you need to get the job done.

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For a Slab:

For pouring a slab you will have to figure the square footage of the area you need to fill. Square foot is the (length x width) = Square Foot. Now that the square foot is determined look below at the depth and divide by the square feet covered by a yard.

Number of Square Feet Covered by 1 Yard
 4"  | 80 Sq Ft.
  10"  | 32 Sq FT
 6"  | 54 Sq Ft
  12"  | 27 Sq Ft
 8"  | 40 Sq Ft


For a Footing: (or Rat Wall)

When pouring a footing, you need to know how many lineal feet you have. Measure all sides that are going to have a footing. Look below at depth and width chart to figure out what 1 yard will cover, then divide by the total of feet you have.

Number of Lineal Feet 1 Yard will cover at 24" Deep or 42" Deep 

Width | at 24 " Deep
Width | at 42" Deep
4"        |    40 Linear Ft
 4"      |    23 Linear Ft
6"        |    27 Linear Ft
 6"      |    15 Linear Ft
8"        |    20 Linear Ft
 8"      |    11 Liear Ft
10"      |    16 Linear FT
 10"    |    9 Linear Ft
12"      |    13 Linear Ft
 12"    |    7 Lnear Ft