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Six Types of Salt Spreader Bearings


Whether you make a living out of keeping roads clear in winter conditions or just keep a plow and salt spreader for use on your own property, it's important to have a grasp of the different types of salt spreader bearings available. The right bearing selection can keep your spreader working smoothly. And when the right bearings are installed and maintained correctly, they may even outlast the other parts of your salt spreader. But do you know the differences between the main types of salt spreader bearings? Below is a list of six key types. 

1. Four Bolt Flange

Unlike the 2 bolt flange bearing and the three bolt flange bearing, this type of bearing is especially secure. It is square shaped, with space for a bolt at each of the square's corners. These bearings are affordable and typically range from about $8-$12.

2. Pillow Flange Base

These salt spreader bearings are somewhat similar to tapped base pillow block bearings. However, instead of having a space for bolts immediately under the bearing itself, the pillow flange base has a flared-out base with space for two bolts. These tend to fall in approximately the same price range as the four bolt salt spreader bearings mentioned above, although they may be slightly easier to install.

3. Pillow Tapped Base

These tapped base pillow block bearings are some of the most expensive on the list, as they can cost over $15 each. They feature a round bearing with space for two bolts directly beneath it.

4. Take Up

While the bearings discussed above have all been fairy straightforward, the take up bearing is a bit more intricate. Take up bearings are roughly T-shaped, with the round bearing itself situated in the middle. They also can become fairly expensive, with some models costing nearly $20 each. 

5. Three Bolt Flange

The three bolt flange bearing, as the name suggests, is somewhat similar to the four bolt. It may be marginally less secure due to the fact that it has one less bolt, However, which type of flange you need will primarily depend on the type of spreader you own. If you don't know what type of bearing is most appropriate, be sure to consult your owner's manual, talk to an expert on salt spreaders, or both.

6. Two Bolt Flange

The 2 bolt flange bearing, as the name suggests, has a flared base with space for two bolts. This bearing type tends to be smaller and less expensive than take up bearings and some of the other more intricate models.

When you operate a salt spreader, you know that high-quality components like spinner discs and bearings are vital to a safe, even spread of salt on surfaces. If you are looking to replace the bearings on your spreader but aren't sure which to choose, the experts at Angelo's can help! We are friendly, knowledgeable, and committed to helping you get the most out of your equipment. Get in touch with us today!