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Metal Vs Plastic Snow Shovels


Winter weather is upon us. If you haven't already gotten out your snow shovel, you may be getting ready to purchase one in order to keep your driveways, walkways, and other areas clear. However, as with any piece of equipment you purchase, there's a disagreement when it comes to the merits of the metal vs plastic snow shovel. Below, we'll delve into their differences and help you choose the best one for you.

Pros of Metal Snow Shovels

A shiny metal snow shovel may make you feel like you're shoveling snow in a quaint painting, but it also has some practical benefits. Metal shovels are often rust-proof, assuming they are well made. Additionally, depending on the size of your shovel , a shovelful of snow may weigh up to 45 pounds, and a metal shovel often can carry more weight. Metal tends to be less prone to cracks and breaks, so if you anticipate having to shovel a large amount of snow for a large amount of time, it may be worth the slight extra expenditure because you will have a reliable shovel for years.


Pros of Plastic Snow Shovels

In deciding on whether to purchase a metal snow shovel vs plastic one, it may also be helpful to consider the advantages of plastic shovels. While trying to choose a metal vs plastic snow shovel, it is important to remember that plastic shovels tend to be lighter. If you are not particularly strong, or if you just want to make shoveling a little easier on yourself, this is something to consider. 

Another advantage of these types of shovels is rust resistance. While high-quality metal shovels are typically resistant to rust, if you are looking at a very cheap metal snow shovel vs plastic shovel, plastic may be your best choice, as it likely won't corrode as easily. This brings up another advantage of plastic snow shovels--they often are cheaper. 

Cons of Metal Snow Shovels

While metal snow shovels have many advantages, they also come with possible cons. For many, a concern when shopping for a plastic or metal snow shovel is cost, and metal shovels tend to be a bit more expensive than plastic ones. They also are heavier on average (especially if your metal shovel is steel instead of the lighter-weight aluminum), making them less ideal for those who would prefer something more lightweight.


Cons of Plastic Snow Shovels

While plastic snow shovels are inexpensive and popular, they too have some potential disadvantages. Some of the cons of plastic snow shovel use include risk of breaking. Plastic is less durable than metal, so with one of these shovels, you may need to replace it sooner. One of the cons of plastic snow shovel use is that you may end up paying more over time in the event that you need to pay for a replacement shovel if your original one breaks.

If you are still trying to decide between buying a plastic or metal snow shovel, it can be helpful to actually handle a few shovels before selecting one. Often, a certain type of shovel will simply feel right, and you can use this simple test to guide your selection. In particular, shovels can come with either straight handles or ergonomic ones, and certain people prefer certain handle types over others. Of course, if you need advice or guidance, the experts at Angelo's are always happy to help! Feel free to come to us with questions and concern. We can help you make sure you're ready for even the worst weather winter can throw at you.