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Snow Deflectors increase visibility and safety, they help keep blowing snow off your windshield. 


Boss Snow Deflectors Vs Western Snow Deflectors


When you are outfitting your snow plow to clear a road, driveway, or parking lot, one thing to consider adding is a deflector. The benefits of snow deflectors are numerous--they can stop snow from flying up on your windshield, they can help ensure snow is cast to the side of the plow, and they may even be able to extend the life of your blade. And just as there are plenty of plow manufacturers, there are plenty of available brands. Two of the best-known brands we have at Angelo's are the Western snow plow deflector and the Boss v plow snow deflector, but how do you know which is best for you? 


Pros of Boss Snow Deflectors


Although they are specifically designed for Boss plows, these deflectors can be used on any plow of the same size and shape. One of the main advantages of the Boss v plow snow deflector is that, in addition to protecting your windshield from salt, snow, and debris, it also increases visibility. If you anticipate needing to clear roads in stormy or otherwise low-visibility conditions, this is an important factor to remember. Additionally, installing these deflectors is fairly straightforward and does not take much time.


Pros of Western Snow Deflectors


Western snow plow deflector design may help you contain the snow you plow more easily, making your clearing tasks faster and easier. If the durability of your snow plow deflector rubber is a major concern, then the Western design may be an attractive option. One of the benefits of snow deflectors is the fact that they can withstand significant amounts of wear, and Western takes this durability a step further by adding integrated ribs to maintain the deflector's shape and overall strength.


Cons of Boss Snow Deflectors


While these deflectors work seamlessly with Boss plows, a possible disadvantage is that they are not compatible with all plows. Boss snow plows have a distinct "v" shape not usually shared by other manufacturers. This means that, for instance, a Western or Meyer snow plow deflector also is not likely to work with most Boss plows due to the differences in blade shape and size.


Cons of Western Snow Deflectors


As with Boss snow deflectors, a disadvantage of the Western brand is that the snow plow deflector rubber is designed to specifically fit Western plows. While it may work on plows of a similar shape, a Western deflector may not perform as well on a non-Western plow.

Choosing the right deflector for your plow can be challenging, but at Angelo's, we are knowledgeable and ready to help. Whether you need a Boss, Western, or Meyer snow plow deflector (or if you aren't quite sure which you need), one of our friendly experts can help you choose the right fit for you. The right deflector will not only expedite plowing, but it will also improve visibility and keep you safe as you keep roads and driveways clear. Give Angelo's a call today! 



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