Snow Plow Cart Dolly 

Plow carts can often be considered Plow Dollies, or Dolly. Make sure that you are referring to the Plow Cart that is used for Mobilizing your Snowplow.

If you have recently purchased a snow plow or are considering doing so, you may not have thought about purchasing a plow dolly or cart. A snow plow dolly system can make it significantly easier to transport, store, install, and uninstall your plow. Many manufacturers offer some version of a snow plow dolly system. Below, we will look at the systems made by two major manufacturers--Meyer and Western.

Which Plow Cart Is More Durable?

Each of these snow plow dolly assemblies is very durable, but it is worth noting that the Western dolly sometimes comes with two wide bars, while the Meyer cart is more of a "T" shape. Both are designed to support and withstand the weight of a plow, but the shape of the Western snow plow dolly may mean that it can withstand more force and is a bit more durable.

How Much Weight Can Each Plow Cart Hold?

Each cart is designed to hold the weight of the plow for which it was designed. If you are shopping for a plow dolly, you may have seen that most assemblies list compatible snow plow models, rather than simply giving a load rating. This is because weight is not the only important variable to consider--the shape of a plow blade also determines whether it is compatible with a given dolly. 

If you are unsure of whether your existing snow plow blade is compatible with a dolly you're considering, feel free to give your friendly experts at Angelo's a call. We can help you determine whether a given cart is an ideal fir for your plow blade. 

Generally speaking, however, carts designed for newer blades will be able to hold less weight. This is because the newer plow blades are typically much lower in weight than their older counterparts. Since older plow blades were typically made of heavier metal, the carts made for them will be able to hold more weight.

Is There a Warranty for Either Plow Cart in Case Damage Occurs?

Some thrifty plow owners may avoid the Western Dolly as well as the Meyer one and instead opt to build their own. However, one of the main disadvantages of this approach is that a homemade plow has no warranty. By contrast, both Meyer and Western offer generous warranties on their carts. The exact warranty terms may vary depending on a few factors, including where you purchased the cart, when you purchased it, and whether it was bought with a plow or as a separate purchase.

However, if you have questions or want to make sure you get a plow with a great warranty, don't hesitate to call or visit Angelo's. Our experts are happy to take into account your needs and goals and to help you figure out a dolly that suits your needs. Whether you have a blade and can't find a compatible cart, need a cart with a great warranty, or just want to know more about carts before you buy, we are here to help!