Retaining Walls

 When looking for that unique look for privacy or need a retaining wall to support your patio Angelo's / SiteOne offers all you need from the top manufacture's Fendt, Oaks, Techo Block, Rosetta and Unilock.

Getting Started on Your Retaining Wall Project

A retaining wall often is the finishing touch you need to sharpen the edges of your property and provide visual interest to your outdoor hardscape. However, if you are new to the process, building a retaining wall may seem like a major challenge. The experts at Angeo's SiteOne can help you get started on building a retaining wall, but before you start, it may help to take a few steps to ensure that your stone selection, project planning, and installation go as smoothly as possible.

Planning Your Retaining Walls Design

If they are well-planned, retaining walls add an element of interest to your outdoor hardscape. However, if they are poorly planned (for example, if your retaining wall bricks clash with the bricks used for your patio), what would ordinarily be an excellent retaining walls design can detract from the look of your home. 

Therefore, when planning retaining walls construction, it is vital to first assess the other outdoor hardscapes you have. If your patio is plain brick, enclosing it in white retaining walls blocks likely won't be a good idea. Generally speaking, you want a retaining wall to be something that ties together your outdoor hardscape, not something that clashes with what you already have.

Fully planning retaining walls construction is challenging even for experienced designers, so if you have never planned out a retaining wall before, it may be helpful to bring some preliminary ideas to the experts at Angelo's SiteOne. Our staff can show you retaining walls bricks made by Fendt, Techo-Bloc, and other reputable manufacturers. They also can offer retaining walls ideas if you find yourself unable to choose a design. If you purchase a home with an existing patio or other outdoor hardscape, our experts also can help you select the best stone to match what you have. 

Of course, for many homeowners, the retaining walls cost for a given design is a concern. While you are in the process of choosing retaining walls bricks from one of the top manufacture's like Fendt, Oaks, Rosetta, Techo Bloc or Unilock,  it's a good idea to set a budget and use that to help guide your choice of retaining walls blocks. Once you have determined how much you are willing to spend, Angelo's SiteOne can help you choose materials that fit into your existing plan. If you have a few different retaining walls ideas, it may be helpful to check the cost of each idea before deciding on which to use.

Planning the Installation of Your Retaining Wall

Determining what constitutes an affordable retaining walls cost and then choosing a design that fits in that budget is a vital first step in the installation process. However, the actual retaining walls installation is an equally important step in the process. Most homeowners will need their retaining walls installation to be done by a professional.

When you are planning out your retaining walls landscaping, it is important to consider the cost of installation as well. Many catalogs of retaining walls stone will include the cost of installation as well as the wholesale cost of the stone. If you can't find the installation cost of a given type of retaining walls stone, be sure to ask at Angelo's SiteOne.

In short, planning out retaining walls landscaping is often a challenging and multifaceted process. Well-planned retaining walls can tie together an outdoor hardscape, but it is important to choose a stone type that goes well with your existing landscaping. If you find yourself in need of planning help at any stage of the process, contact the experts at Angelo's SiteOne. We are knowledgeable and eager to help you complete your outdoor landscaping project.