Pro Wings


Pro Wings provides an additional 20" of blade width with a minimal increase in the overall weight of your Snowplow. Pro Wings are not recommended for 9 foot SnowPlows.

Whenever hazardous winter weather strikes, you want to be able to handle anything that comes your way. If you have considered pro wings for snow plow, you may have wondered what the benefits are. Pro wings plow extensions offer many benefits in helping you deal with the harsh effects that winter weather such as snow and ice can bring about. Below are some of the benefits offered by pro wings for snow plow .  

What Are Pro Wings Used For?


Pro wings plow extensions provide additional width and pitch for your snow plow. Pro wings snow plow extension blades can add up to an additional 20" of width to your snow plow blade, allowing difficult jobs to be performed with ease. Additionally, by altering the pitch of your snow plow, it will now have more of a scoop-like effect as you tackle heavy snow and thick layers of ice. 

Benefits of Using Pro Wings


Pro wings snow plow blades allow you to drastically reduce the time and effort required to tackle more difficult to perform tasks regarding snow and ice removal. When you are dealing with thick layers of ice and several inches of packed snow, the last thing you want to be doing is spending hours going over the same area to get this dangerous material removed. 

Pro wings snow plow extension blades allow you to cut down on time spent performing these essential tasks. Additionally, the pro wings act as an additional cushion between the edge of the blade and the surface you are removing snow and ice from. This can serve to protect your yard, driveway, or pavement from being damaged. Cold weather, snow, and ice can cause enough damage to concrete and asphalt surfaces on its own. The cushioning effect provided by snow plow extension blades can keep these surfaces from cracking and suffering further damage related to harsh weather conditions.


Best Ways to Use Your Pro Wings


Once your pro wings snow plow kit is purchased, it is simply mounted onto your plow with ease, allowing you to tackle some of winter's toughest jobs with speed and agility. The snow plow extensions do not need to be removed between jobs unless you will be entering spaces where the extra width of the blades will not fit through. 

Pro wings plow extensions will make even smaller snow and ice removal jobs go much faster, so there is no need to remove the extensions for small jobs. However, if you have a snow removal business, these extensions will save you a great deal of time, effort, and money in terms of managing the everyday tasks associated with your business efficiently. 

When winter arrives, you want to be armed with the best equipment possible to handle whatever potentially hazardous weather comes your way. The accumulation of snow and ice around your home and in your driveway can lead to dangerous accidents that can cause physical harm to you or your loved ones. Furthermore, you can even be held legally responsible for this harm if you don't keep your home and property clear of these hazardous materials.

Pro wings snow plow can provide you with the peace of mind that your family and all those visiting your home through the holiday season will be safe and free from potential harm. This can allow you to experience the peace of mind that makes enjoying the festivities this time of year has to bring possible.