Here you will find the full line of mulch that Angelo's Supplies/SiteOne carries. Mulch is an important consideration in many outdoor and home projects, and when you're busy planning and otherwise executing your project, it can help to have it delivered right to you. If you have questions or would like to place an order for delivery, give Angelo's a call!

Mulch offers many benefits:

  • Mulch will greatly reduce weed growth, and makes weeds much easier to pull out with their root systems.
  • Prevents erosion
  • Retains moisture
  • Prevents a hard surface forming on the soil
  • More effectively exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide
  • Absorb more water
  • Breaks down and provides nutrients and organic matter to the soil
  • Encourages activity by earthworms and other helpful organisms.
  • Dark mulch absorbs warmth from the sun, helping to warm the soil in chilled climates and after winter.

Mulching is applying a layer of landscaping ground cover with one of these,  Dyed Environmentally Safe Redwood, Brownwood, Blackwood, Premium Hardwood, Cedar, Cocoa Shell or Playsafe (Playground) Rubber Mulch, on the ground surface, around growing plants, in between vegetable garden rows or around the play area for the kids.. Average thickness is 2 to 3 inches of mulch.

How to Get a Great Deal on Mulch

When you're looking at prices for mulch by the yard, it may sound inexpensive, however, if you need mulch for a large project, the price per yard will be your least expensive way as mulch bags add up quickly. While it's tempting to quickly search "mulch near me" and be done with it, investing a little more time can help you to find the best deals on the right mulch for your building or landscaping project. If you look for a mulch wholesale supply, look out for sales on the mulch colors you want, and consider delivery deals, you will likely be able to save a considerable amount of money. 

Find Wholesale Suppliers or Mulch Sales

Plenty of stores have mulch for sale, but if you can find a wholesale dealer, this can help you purchase mulch by the yard at a discounted rate. Even something as simple as searching "mulch supply near me" can get you started on selecting a mulch wholesale supply. 

Since popular home improvement stores often cater to those doing small home projects, a larger wholesaler will be more likely to have the deals you need for a larger project. However, this mulch supplier Angelo' / Siteone are not everywhere, so if you can't find a wholesaler near you, you may be stuck with mulch suppliers that do not wholesale their products. If this is the case, then looking for mulch on sale at these stores can be an excellent way to save. If a chain home-improvement store has mulch on sale, it will often be in an effort to clear the shelves, so they may offer deep discounts on volume. This may also be true of wholesalers who offer periodic sales, so it can be helpful when searching "mulch supply near me" to immediately look to see which retailers, chain or otherwise, are offering the best deals on mulch. 

If you are looking to find a mulch sale at either a nearby wholesale store or at a home-improvement store, one option to save money is to seek out less popular mulch colors or types. Unless you have a very specific color in mind, choosing alternate mulch colors can be a way to save money because these colors are moe likely to be on clearance or otherwise on sale. Similarly, if you are looking for cedar mulch but having trouble finding mulch prices that fit your budget (or are asking yourself "why doesn't the store selling mulch near me carry the type I need?"), expanding your search to include dyed wood mulch or even cocoa shell can help you find the mulch prices you need while still getting you a quality product. 

Mulch Calculator

Before you start asking "where is there mulch delivery near me?" it may be helpful to how much you're going to need. For that we have a simple formula you can use as mulch calculator: 1 yard will cover approximately 100 sq ft 2 inches thick

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