Angelo's / SiteOne Idea Center Gallery - Great Ideas for Your Summer Project

A new outdoor space is a significant investment that will be part of your home for many years to come, so it’s important to think carefully about the design choices you make. And our website is a great place to look for creative inspiration!

Rolling with Boulders

Designed to appeal to nature, whether you live in a wooded area or not our Boulders offer uniqueness, colors and many different sizes, whether you are building a seawall, retaining wall, or just using them to accent your garden area Angelo's / SiteOne has what it takes to keep you rockin! 
Angelo's can supply all you need for boulders and wall materials for your home Seawall from Boulders Flower Beds Accented with Boulders Large Rocks, Boulders at Angelos Supplies Create your own stunning boulder wall from angelos supplies Retaining Walls out of Boulders

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Natural Flagstone

Unlike roof installation, flooring, or even poured cement  a Flagstone patio will vary greatly.  Piecing it together in the quickest way possible and creating the most basic natural flagstone patio, or treating it like a work of art (which it is) and laying each piece masterfully creating a beautiful mosaic master piece.

Flagstone retaining wall and patio Natural Stone Patio Pattern Flagstone New York Full Color flagstone Irregular Blue Flagstone New York Full Color natural Flagstone Natural New York Full Color Flagstone Full Range Flagstone tan mist flagstone patio Flagstone tan mist patio

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 Ledge Rock

Terraced  ledge rock retaining walls or natural hillside steps, can give your landscape that unique look you have been striving to find, but the possibilities are limitless with Ledge Rock.  Looking for a interesting focal point, or creating a exceptional water feature in your outdoor living space making available to you,  your very own paradise to escape to or enjoy with friends and family.

Lakeshore Ledge Rock Retaining Walls Ledge Rock Natural Steps and Retaining Wall at Angelo's Supplies Ledge Rock Grand Entrance Ledge Rock Retaining Wall Montana Ledge Rock Front Porch

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 Fendt Brick Pavers and Retaining Walls

When it comes to choosing a pavement surface that combines beauty, strength, color, texture and durability, it's hard to look any further then interlocking concrete paving stones, or pavers, for the perfect answer for your driveway, walk or patio.

The wide range of styles and shapes gives the design flexibility to create the most imaginative layouts and patterns. The vast choices of vibrant colors open the possibilities to match virtually any color scheme that you can dream of. The strength and durability of pavers will pass the most stringent tests that concrete can be put through.

For many years, Fendt has been known as a premier and quality paver and retaining wall manufacture with some of the richest and most varied colors available to the homeowner and designer alike. As you look through these pictures and begin to dream of your new or refurbished patio, pool deck, driveway, retaining wall, let your imagination dream what can be possible. Fendt - Dream in Color.

Fendt Symetry Brick Pavers Verrazo Retaining Wall from Fendt Old world Fire Pit Block by Fendt Builders Supply Country Manor Retaining Wall by Fendt Holland 12 x 12 8 x 8 4 x 8 brick pavers Old World Vintage Brick Pavers Vintage half Circle Steps Holland Brick Glenstone Wall by Fendt Fendt Old World Vintage with Square Firepit Old World Holland by Fendt Old World Vintage Steps Old World Polar Ash by Fendt Old World Vintage Brick Pavers by Pool Fendt Old World Vintage Steps Fendt Retaining Wall Stone gate Symetry Brick Pavers from Fendt Fendt Verrazo Retaining Wall Fendt Walnut with Black Border Old World Glenstone Retaining Wall

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 Oaks Brick Pavers and Retaining Walls

All Oaks Landscape Products are manufactured from locally sourced, natural materials that are durable and long-lasting. Not only do concrete masonry, stone and concrete landscape products have a long life span; they’re also non-toxic and can be recycled and repurposed when they’re no longer beautifying our buildings and landscapes. Sustainability is simply inherent when producing high quality products using  concrete as the primary ingredients. This is part of our commitment to the environment, but we don’t just stop there:

Our concrete products contain recycled content, displacing traditional Portland cement. We are also constantly improving our production facilities to reduce waste, improve performance and incorporate new technologies that deliver positive environmental impacts.

Oaks Ortana, Laredo Retaining wall with Passagio Brick Pavers Colonnade Brick Pavers with a Fire Pit Classic Oaks Brick Pavers Oaks Ortana Plus Retaining Wall centurion brick pavers by oaks laredo retaining wall with colonnade brick pavers brick paver drive by oaks fieldstone retaining wall by oaks Interlocking brick pavers from oaks Ortana Retaining walls by Oaks Passagio Brick Paver Oaks Concrete Products Rialto Monterey and Gardenia Linear Products by Oaks Concrete rialto brick pavers ridgefield by oaks Romanesque Brick Pavers Brick Pavers by Oaks around a pool laredo tapered retaining wall by oaks concrete products

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 Unilock Brick Pavers and Retaining Walls

If you’re planning to landscape your home, we’re confident you’ll be inspired by all that Unilock has to offer.

Unilock works hard to bring you the best selection of quality products and support because they believe that the outside of your home should be as beautiful, functional and welcoming as the inside of your home.

Unilock Series 3000 and Brussels Brick Pavers Unilock Steps Unilock Pisa II Retaining Wall Unilock Stonehenge Brick Pavers Unilock Retaining Roman Pisa Wall Outdoor Living Unilock Patio Brussels Retaining Wall Richcliff Brick Pavers Il Campo Unilock Brick Pavers Unilock ledgestone_brussels_copthorne

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