Natural Flagstone

Here you will find natural Flagstone for your outdoor patio or walkway. Suitable for commercial or residential projects, Angelo's Supplies/SiteOne can supply everything you need to get the job done. If you have questions or would like to place an order for delivery, give Angelo's a call!

Flagstone is a natural irregular shaped flat stone, commonly used for walkways, patios and paths. Since Flagstone is natural, colors and sizes will vary from pallet to pallet, we suggest that you make the trip into one of our locations to choose the pallet that fits your needs.

How Can Flagstone Improve Your Walkway or Patio?

If you aren't familiar with the definition of flagstone, chances are that you have at least seen this stone as part of someone's walkway or patio. This type of stone is naturally colored and shaped in an irregular way. Sometimes, it is sold as flagstone tile or flagstone pavers, which are large square or rectangular stones designed for use in stairwells, patios, and more. If you are looking to add a quaint, natural-looking touch to your lawn, patio, or walkway, below are some ideas for incorporating flagstone.

Flagstone Patio Ideas

An inviting patio can be one of the best lawn features when entertaining or just when enjoying a quiet night grilling outside, and a flagstone patio, with its natural look, integrates with the surroundings perfectly. Part of why flagstone works especially well in a patio setting is its flatness, but the stone's natural color and natural shape makes it especially attractive - it's natural, yet sophisticated.

Because each stone is unique, if you are able to find flagstone for sale near you, this will give you a chance to pick out the color of flagstone tile or flagstone pavers you want for your patio. This is a stone that lets you individualize, so selecting stones yourself will likely give you the best results. Flagstone prices may vary, so if budget is a concern, ordering in bulk or giving yourself time to find a sale might be worth it. Ultimately, you want your flagstone patio to be as personalized as possible, so choosing your own stones can be a good way to really make your patio your own.

Making a Flagstone Walkway

Plenty of picture books and idyllic old painting show cottages with stone paths leading to the door. If you want a way to make your home stand out and look understated yet sophisticated, a flagstone path to the door may be just what you need. And just as there are many possible flagstone patio ideas to choose from, there's more than one way to make a flagstone walkway.

One popular way to create a flagstone path is to choose a series of single, large stones, and then arrange them on a path, with space in between. These paths are often winding, although you also can arrange stones in a straight line if you prefer. Sometimes, these are called "stepping stones," and assembling a path this way will add a rustic touch to any home. Moreover, if flagstone prices are a concern for you and you want to save as much money as possible, this option is very cost effective, since you are not covering the entire walkway space with stones.

Another way to create a path is lining up stones so they are touching, making the path continuous. This look is a little less rustic, and it may be easier to align the stones you choose in a straight line. This option may cost more per foot of walkway, simply because you aren't adding space between the stones. When you find flagstone for sale, it may be worth telling the retailer about the planned length of your walkway, as some stone dealers may offer discounts if your planned walkway is long enough.

These are only a few ideas to get you started, and you may well think of other ways to integrate this unique stone into your patio and walkway planning. Because each stone is unique, you'll know you are creating an outdoor feature that cannot be exactly replicated. If you are planning on creating a stone patio or walkway in the near future, your local stone retailer can help you choose and install the right stones.

If you find yourself in need of help with using flagstone in your landscape project, contact the experts at Angelo's Supplies/SiteOne. We are knowledgeable and eager to help you complete your outdoor landscaping project.