Earthway C24HD Walkbehind Broadcast Spreader

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 The C24HD Professional broadcast spreader brings high technology spreading to push spreaders. The C24HD applies ice melting products, grass seed, fertilizer, and all other types of granular lawn and garden products with ease and efficiency. The EV-N-SPRED® PRO Dual Port Adjustable Shut-Off System allows the user to control the balancing of the spread pattern on both the left and right side throwing port to equal the center. This technology makes balancing the spread pattern based on different materials fast and easy. Using the EarthWay Twin-Tube chassis, the C24HD has a 250lb/113kg load bearing capacity, and the heavy-duty axle support system uses a specially engineered material that creates a smooth bearing surface for the axle, and is maintenance free: no oil, no grease, and no problems. The EarthWay Super-Duty gearbox sets the performance bar so high that no other manufacture can reach it. From the strength, to the speed, the Super-Duty gearbox is unsurpassed. The C24HD pushes effortlessly over any terrain, even with a full hopper, the solid linkage, 2-position height adjustable ergonomic handle and“T”-Speed lever provide total operator control and comfort. Equipped with a rustproof poly hopper, the C24HD will give years of superior performance, at an affordable price. Add any of the available accessories and the C24HD becomes the Cadillac of Powder Coated Spreaders.
Earthway C24HD Seed,Salt,Fertilizer SpreaderEarthway C24HD Seed,Salt,Fertilizer Schematic
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