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High quality 48" long x 1/4" diameter fiberglass driveway stakes, also know as driveway markers or snow stakes that are durable and are easily installed along your driveway, or ideal for marking center areas or curbs in parking lots.

What Are The Benefits of Driveway Stakes?

Professionals in the snow removal business always use driveway markers because it protects your expensive equipment from unseen obstacles. However, as your snow plowing skills continue to mature, you learn the subtle nuances of each account, and you need it less. Still, even the most experienced contractors use them occasionally, and you will rarely find a contractor who doesn't use them at all. 

Benefit #1: Tacks on a More Professional

Brand image and reputation is everything in your community. When you mark the properties to keep them safe from the snow plow, the extra effort looks more professional, and that goes a long way in winning the favor of property managers. In this industry, some of the only contractors who haven't used driveway marking stakes are those who just started and don't realize they should be using them.

Benefit #2: Easier to See

Orange driveway stakes make your job easier as a snow plow man because you have the stakes to guide you in where to plow and where to leave the snow. While you do have other colors like yellow and green, orange driveway stakes are the most popular because they're the easiest to see. On a global scale, orange has already earned its title as the most vibrant property reflectors. 

Benefit #3: Survey of a Customer

Existing accounts let you do a survey during the fall cleanup season, but what about the "snow only" customers?" You will have to double check everything around the first frost, but putting up markers and notes for a customers helps you to remember the details of the property. In addition, you can match things up with Google maps so that it requires less time once you go to install the snow stakes.

Benefit #4: Superior Choice to Wooden Stakes

Wooden stakes cost between 10 to 20 cents less per stake than fiberglass stakes, but fiberglass makes for the best driveway stakes. Any snow removal contractor who has gone with wooden stakes for a year will tell you what a hassle they were. Wooden driveway stakes will pierce your tires if you fail to see them in time, and they break easier than their fiberglass counterpart. Wooden stakes might also blow a tire for your customers, and if that happens, you'll have to deal with a furious customer that could cost you the account. 

You can also push fiberglass stakes into the ground easier, and they don't splinter, which means you can use them the following year. Wooden stakes are almost always broken or missing come springtime. 

Benefit #5: Add Reflective Properties

Fiberglass stakes are more popular for snow plow companies because you can add reflective properties on them to make them easier to see. With wooden stakes, that's almost impossible because wood is not a reflector. Sure, you could paint wooden stakes orange, but that costs more effort and money than the initial cost, and it doesn't take the level of hassle into consideration either. Not to mention, wood doesn't glow at night. Fiberglass are a good investment because it ultimately leads to less trouble, and it's an investment to make your business better. Even if you accidentally run over fiberglass driveway marking stakes, it will prop itself back up in most cases without damage to your vehicle.

Especially when you're first starting to plow snow for people, you want the best driveway stakes to help you find your way around the property. You will need to use them less and less with every passing season, but almost every snow removal contractor uses them to some degree. They're a valuable tool in getting the logistics of a property and making sure you don't cause damage to the property or to yourself.