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On this page you will find all of the Hydraulic Cylinder Replacement parts that we offer here at Angelos.  There is also a detailed description below about the proper way to measure the various parts of your cylinder to ensure the right replacement is selected for your plow.  As always if you have any questions regarding this important replacement part please do not hesitate to contact us at 1-877-264-3562

How to properly measure your hydraulic cylinder for accurate replacement.

First count the number of ports on your cylinder.  If it has one port it is single acting and if it has two ports it is then double acting.  The difference here is that single port cylinders only have pressure one way while double port cylinders both extend and retract with hydraulic pressure.

The next step is to measure the port size.  Additionally you need to identify the type of ports that your cylinder has.  You can either have a pipe thread port or a boss O ring port.  While both varieties look similar the Boss O ring port is a little different.  This style has both a different pitch of thread and a flat surface on top for the O ring of the hydraulic fitting to seal against.  Therefore it is very important that you identify your port type correctly because not all cylinders will work with every snow plow configuration.  

Once the port type has been identified you will need to measure the retracted length or closed length of your cylinder.  To do this simply fully close or retract your cylinder and measure the length between the center of the pin holes on the opposite ends of the equipment (from the dead end to the active end with he cylinder fully retracted).

Next you need to repeat the same measurement for the cylinder's fully extended length or open.  To extend your cylinder you may need to manually insert a metal pipe between both the active and dead ends to allow some leverage for pulling is open to the extended position.  Be careful to plan for a bit of a mess because opening and closing your cylinder will likely result in losing some hydraulic fluid in your work shop.

Now the you have the retracted and open length you can calculate the cylinder stroke, or how much the cylinder actually moves.  This is a simple calculation, just subtract the retracted length from the extended length and the difference between the two is the length of the cylinder stroke.

Next you need to determine the mount and the mount width.  There are several mounting options for a cylinder such as cross tube, drill through, and milled.You will need to take the mount measurement from one side to the other as well to determine the amount of room that is available for mounting purposes.

Finally you will also need to measure the pin hole diameter on both the dead end and the active end as well as the barrel diameter, as well as the rod diameter, or the part of the cylinder that extends in and out.

Once you have all these measurements give us a call at 1-877-264-3562

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When Measureing Cylinders:

  • "A" pin hole diameter
  • "B" port size
  • "C" diameter of cylinder body
  • "D" stroke length (measure distance between the two weld points)
  • "E" diameter of cylinder ram