Briggs and Stratton Products at Angelo's Supplies / SiteOne

Briggs & Stratton produces some of the world's most reliable small engines, for outdoor equipment, that are durable, reliable and just easy to use. Angelo’s Supplies / SiteOne offers, starter motors, voltage regulators, spark plugs, air filters, fuel lines and more to keep your engine running.

Well, How Good Is a Briggs and Stratton Engine?

The most important thing to consider when purchasing a piece of power equipment is the motor that supplies that power. Without a quality motor, even the best-built machine won't be able to handle the task at hand in an efficient way that satisfies. Whether you're looking for a lawn mower, pressure washer, or snow blower, you want an engine that is powerful enough to get the job done right. Briggs and Stratton have been industry leaders for over 100 years, providing some of the longest-lasting powerful motors that keep customers coming back for more. 

What Do Briggs and Stratton Small Engines Handle?

Most of the leading lawn mower brands rely on Briggs and Stratton engines to power their equipment, and with good reason. Briggs and Stratton products are built on over 100 years of experience at providing the kind of power and efficiency that customers appreciate. 

What's so great about Briggs and Stratton products?

Simply put, they provide engines with these three vital qualities. 

  1. Engines that start easily and without hassle 
  2. Engines that are low maintenance 
  3. Engines that provide powerful performance 

When you have serious tasks to perform, you need machinery with a powerful engine that provides the same reliable service every single time you turn it on. At Angelo's Supplies, we want to provide you with the best choices. We also carry a full range of parts for a Briggs and Stratton so that keeping your equipment in perfect shape is an easy task. 

How Long Do Briggs and Stratton Engines Last?

Over 100 years of experience has taught the professionals behind the name how to provide powerful engines that last for decades. In fact, one of the most common threads seen throughout reviews of these products is praise for the fact that they are still going strong after several decades. No one wants the expensive burden of having to continually replace their power equipment. It's a far superior choice to purchase the best power equipment that will last for decades with proper care and use, and that's exactly what these products are designed to do. 

Are Parts for a Briggs and Stratton Products Easy to Find?

At Angelo's Supplies, we realize that having access to parts for a Briggs and Stratton engine is also an important part of owning and maintaining a piece of equipment this powerful. Whether you need replacement spark plugs, fuel lines, or air filters, we provide easy access to all the parts for a Briggs and Stratton engine necessary to keep yours in tip top shape for years to come. 


What do some existing customers have to say about these products? Gleaning from online reviews provided by previous customers, it's easy to see that these are some of the most reliable and trustworthy products on the market. Many users say that their products powered by Briggs and Stratton engines are the best and easiest to use machines they have ever owned. Customers also rave about the reliability of these products, as well as the ease of starting them, which makes any job easier. 

The History Behind the Name

The creators of these powerful motors were Stephen Briggs and Harold Stratton, and they came together to provide the world with efficient, high-powered products such as this back in 1908. Stephen had experience as an electrical engineer and Harold as a grain merchant. With a combined desire to provide equipment of the highest quality, the two began to develop the product brand that is known today as some of the world's best outdoor power equipment. 

When you have a job to get done, whether big or small, it's important to know that you have equipment that is up to the task. Whether you need to perform these tasks on your personal property or you rely on power equipment to perform your daily tasks in a commercial setting, you need access to reliable equipment that will start promptly and provide efficient service each and every time it is used. At Angelo's Supplies, this is why we choose to provide the equipment and parts for a Briggs and Stratton engine that has kept generations of customers happy for over 100 years. 

Briggs & Stratton Intek Engine Parts at Angelo's Supplies

Briggs & Stratton produces some of the world's most reliable small engines, for outdoor equipment, that are durable, reliable and just easy to use. Angelo’s Supplies / SiteOne offers, starter motors, voltage regulators, spark plugs, air filters, fuel lines and more to keep your engine running. Here you will find access to the entire line of Briggs & Stratton snow and ice removal parts that we supply here at Angelo’s / SiteOne.  As always if you have questions about parts for a plow, spreader, hydraulic units, or other accessories that you need be sure to call Angelo's / SiteOne today at 1-800-264-3562.

If you currently own any Briggs & Stratton snow and ice removal equipment Angelo's / SiteOne Supplies offeres replacement Snow Plow Parts.  Just click through for a listing of all the product groups we carry inluding Blade Guides, Cutting Edges, Lift Cylinders, Drag Chains, Driveway Stakes, Hydraulic Hoses, Hydraulic Oil, Lights, Spreader and Plow Motors, Pro Wings, PlowDollies, Snow Plow Deflectors, Plow Paint, Snow Shovels, Spreader Bearings, Spreader Spinner Disks, Trip Springs and Truck Accessories.

Additionaly Angelo's / SiteOne still does carry parts for old or discontinued plow models so be sure to call today if you have any questions about replacement parts at 1-800-264-3562

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