Blizzard Products at Angelo's Supplies


On this page you will access to all of the snow and ice removal equipment made by blizzard that is serviceable here at Angelos. Scroll down below the text to click on any of the specific product groups for your online shopping options. As always if you have any questions about how a certain plow is compatible with your truck or whether you are selecting the right replacement part for your plow or spreader do not hesitate to call. The Pro's at Angelos are here to assist you at 1-877-264-3562

The blizzard product line is a robust set of snow and ice removal equipment. The top plows carried include POWER PLOW, SPEED WING, HEAVY DUTY STRAIGHT BLADE, 7600 LT, 8000 LT, SPORT UTILITY STRAIGHT BLADE, SKID STEER PLOWS, UTV SERIES STRAIGHT BLADE, and the POWER PUSHER BOX PLOW. the POWER PLOW is a button operated snow removing beast that features an expandable mold board to keep your operation versatile and efficient. These independently controlled wings transform endlessly to give you the most options you need on the job. The SPEED WING is a very efficient model as well. Its wings automatically angle based on blade position to guarantee you are getting the best configuration for pushing more snow at all times. The HEAVY DUTY STRAIGHT BLADE does not come standard with wings and is more thoughtfully designed for operations that know they will see a lot of large scale jobs that don't require as much versatility. Use this plow to blast your work out faster. The LT series stands for light commercial and is more suited for home owners or a smaller scale operation. The Sport Utility is similarly more suited for home owners and compromises the two smallest set ups that Blizzard offers. All skid steer models have universal mounting for easy installation and removal. These are great plows at a great price. The UTV series also includes a variety of mounting options to make sure that what you pick up will be compatible with your situation. Finally the Power Pusher is for very big jobs and can be assembled to a back hoe, think big!

If you currently require any Blizzard Snow Plow Parts or Blizzard Spreader Parts, just click through for a listing of all the product groups we carry inluding Blade Guides, Cutting Edges, Lift Cylinders, Drag Chains, Driveway Stakes, Hydraulic Hoses, Hydraulic Oil, Lights, Spreader and Plow Motors, Pro Wings, PlowDollies, Snow Plow Deflectors, Plow Paint, Snow Shovels, Spreader Bearings, Spreader Spinner Disks, Trip Springs, and Truck Accessories. Additionaly Angelos still does carry parts for old or discontinued plow models so be sure to call today if you have any questions about replacement parts at 1-800-264-3562

Also don’t forget that our inventory is not limited to plows manufactured by Blizzard! Angelos can supply snow and ice removal equipment and parts from all the top brands in the industry. Check out what we offer from other manufactuers here including Western, SaltDogg, Meyer, Snow-Ex, Fisher, SnowDogg, and BOSS