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Time to touch-up your Boss, Meyer, Western snow plow blade or black iron? Available in spray or quart cans, in black, red or yellow top coat or the primer-based under coat, these Factory Original paints provide durable coverage and are formulated to match your original equipment

Should You Paint Your Snow Plow?


If you live somewhere with heavy snowfall, having a quality snow plow is vital. However, simply purchasing the plow is just the start. Even normal wear and tear can be tough on a plow blade, so regular maintenance and care is crucial if you want to extend the life of your snow plow. Here, we will touch on the possible benefits of painting your snowplow.


How Does Painting Your Snow Plow Benefit You? 


You may think painting a snow plow is simply decorative, but choosing paint that is specifically designed for plows can actually protect the blade from corrosion and damage. The best snow plow paint is long lasting and durable, and it may help protect the blade against damage.For a snow plow blade, even mild damage can result in something much worse.

A chip in the original coat of paint will expose the metal beneath. Over time, as this metal is exposed to the elements, it may rust, which can contribute to gradual degradation and possible eventual breakage. Essentially, by painting your snow plow (and by touching up that paint as needed), you will potentially save yourself hours of repair time. You also may save yourself from having to purchase a new plow, as paint will reduce the risk of rust and other issues damaging a plow beyond repair.


Will the Paint Eventually Just Chip Away?


It's easy to hesitate when considering buying paint for snow plow use--after all, it may seem like an unnecessary exercise in vanity to paint a plow. But unlike other types of paint, paint for snow plow use is designed for refinishing, and it is incredibly durable. Painting a snow plow is more than cosmetic. And while the paint may eventually chip, its durability means it is much longer-lasting than other types of paint.


What Is the Best Brand of Snow Plow Paint?


The best brand of paint for your snow plow will depend on the brand you own. Some brands make paints specifically for their plows, but there also are a wealth of paint types that work on a variety of plows. Of course, generally speaking, choosing a brand of paint specifically designed for your brand of plow is a good idea. Manufacturers know the specifications of their plows down to the molecular level, so it's only natural that the paints they design would be especially helpful for treating and preserving their snow plows.

However, this doesn't mean that a paint made by a different manufacturer is automatically wrong for your plow. If you are unsure whether or not a given type of paint is the best choice for your plow, please stop in or call the experts at Angelo's--we are happy to help you choose the ideal paint to keep your snowplow running smoothly.


What Is the Cost of Snow Plow Paint?


The cost of paint depends on the best snow plow paint for you. Depending on the brand of your plow, different brands of paint may be better suited to your plow.However, it is worth mentioning that, if your plow has severe corrosion or holes, that repainting and refinishing may be more expensive.

This is because, in order to create a smooth and durable finish, you must first fill out pits an holes in the plow itself. If you are unsure of what paint is best for your plow, you are welcome to ask the experts here at Angelo's.We are dedicated to helping you figure out the best solutions for your snow plow issues, and we are more than happy to help you choose the products you need.