SaltDogg by Buyers Under Tailgate Electric Electric Salt Spreader Series

Undertailgate mounting allows normal use of the dump body, without interference from the spreader. Now available with electric drive or hydraulic drive.

On this page you will find the product line of Buyers SaltDogg Under Tailgate Electric Salt Spreader series that is offered here at Angelo's. Under Tailgate Electric spreaders provide massive potential to increasing the usefulness of a dump truck or other large municipal vehicle. As always if you have any questions at all regarding the utility of these spreaders, the compatibility with your vehicle, shipping information, parts and accessories, or more please do not hesitate to get in touch with the pros at Angelo's today at 1-877-ANGELO-2

Under Tailgate Electric spreaders often feature an adjustable spinner frame that allows you to easily manipulate the height of the spreader. This can come in very handy when considering the multitude of vehicle configurations that are encountered. The spreader design is intended for ease of installation and removal. The specific height and placement can be set up to allow for easy dump capability for your dump truck with absolutely no spreader interference. And don't forget that this technology can be used year round as a sand spreader or employed for other spread material. This doubles down on your investment in this snow and ice removal equipment system.

Reliability is always a goal when considering the equipment that we carry here at Angelos. Stainless steel design and engendering intent for optimization has produced a very high quality product for our consumers in this case and in all products that we elect to carry. This includes and is not limited to marine grade electrical connection seals, explosion proof spinner motor design, powder coating for great durability, and more!

SaltDogg Under Tailgate Electric Salt Spreader Replacement Parts

If you currently own a SaltDogg Under Tailgate Electric Spreader and need to complete some repairs, you can find all the appropriate replacement parts to keep your rig running at optimal condition. All parts are manufactured by SaltDogg right here in the United States. There really is much more to learn about spreaders, and of course the multitude of other ice removal equipment systems that we carry here at Angelo's. Angelo's does also carry a wide array of parts for these spreaders and for other equipment. Additionaly Angelo's still does carry parts for old or discontinued models so be sure to call today if you have any questions about replacement parts at 1-800-264-3562

Our parts inventory is conveniently organized by product groups including Blade Guides, Cutting Edges, Lift Cylinders, Drag Chains, Driveway Stakes, Hydraulic Hoses, Hydraulic Oil, Lights, Spreader and Plow Motors, Pro Wings, PlowDollies, Snow Plow Deflectors, Plow Paint,Snow Shovels, Spreader Bearings, Spreader Spinner Disks, Trip Springs, and Truck Accessories.

SaltDogg Electric Under TailGate Salt Spreader Parts Angelo's Supplies
Electric Under TailGate SaltDogg Salt Spreader Angelo's Supplies
Location Item Lookupcode
1 3014199
2 3006842
3 203700
4 3006724
5 Z126386
6 3006968
7 3000268
8 3012956
9 3000270
10 3014897
11 3014858
12 Z126387
13 Z126368
14 3013821
14 Z108596
15 Z126375
16 1410200
17 3014455
18 B63322
19 3015043
20 Z106067
21 924F0081
22 9240086
23 9240087
24 3015029
25 3015033
26 3008447
27 3008444
28 Z126403
29 1420016
30 BCP84620SS
31 3014484
31 Z107923
31 Z107922
32 3006844
33 3000210
34 Z126388
35 Z126389
36 3015018
37 Z126404
38 3006753
38 3017176
38 3015023
38 3014078
39 3006659
40 Z126390
41 3012393
42 Z102013
43 3006646
44 1411500
45 92401113
46 Z100988
47 3006645
48 924F0012
49 Z126391
50 924F0014
51 3009526
52 3011139
53 3011137

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