Buyers TGS01B SaltDoggTailGate Salt Spreader

Buyers Salt Dogg TGS01B electric tailgate salt spreader is manufactured by Buyers Products and is the most cost effective commercial grade spreader on the market to maintain large commercial parking areas. Dimensions: 45.7 inches high x 29.7 inches wide x 30.3 inches deep with a capacity: 8.02 cubic feet/602 pounds #1 rock salt or similar material not for use with sand. Constructed of a rugged poly black hopper and orange steel mounting frame and can spread material 3 ft- 30 ft. controlled from an in-cab variable speed control. includes a standard mount that bolts onto the bumper on your truck, there are optional mounts available including a 2" Receiver hitch or the Swing Away Mount; both of these mounts allow access to the bed of your pick-up truck.

**Alternate Part Number(s): TGS01A, TGS01.

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