Hyd Spdr 12 Ft Ss 11 Yd 6:1

Buyers SaltDogg 11.0 Cubic Yard Hydraulic Powered Stainless Steel Hopper Salt Spreader Kit (6:1 Ratio Gearbox)
GEAR RATIO 6:1. 167" X 82" X 63" HYDRAULIC DRIVEN.•Capacity: 11 cu. yds. (12')
•304 stainless steel hopper
•Material spread up to 40'.
•Adjustable feedgate
•Power source: hydraulic drive - two independent direct drive hydraulic motors (17 GPM @ 1,500 PSI). 15 gpm conveyor. 12 gpm spinner.
•24" wide conveyor chain with 3/8" crossbars
•Chute/spinner assembly: 304 stainless steel, with adjustments to accommodate varying body mounting heights. 6-fin poly spinner disc. Adjustable deflectors with overlapping corners provide a precision spread pattern.
•Feedgate: 304 stainless steel with scaled driver side screw jack adjustment.
•Conveyor: 24" wide with 2" diameter drive shaft. 6:1 direct-drive gearbox with extended throughshaft for ground speed sensor. 1-1/2" diameter idler shaft with 4" adjustable range relubeable bearing.
•Includes: 4-section hinged top screens, 3/8" bars on 3" centers, stainless steel inverted V, adjustable
•2" drive shaft and bearing with 8-tooth sprockets
•1-1/2" idler shaft and bearings with 8-tooth sprockets
•Quick release hinged chute (no tools needed)
•20" poly spinner disc

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