Mulch offers many benefits:

  • Mulch will greatly reduce weed growth, and makes weeds much easier to pull out with their root systems. Prevents erosion, Retains moisture. Mulch will also help prevents a hard surface forming on the soil, allowing it to more effectively exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide and absorb water. Mulch breaks down and provides nutrients and organic matter to the soil, and encourages activity by earthworms and other helpful organisms.
  • Dark mulch absorbs warmth from the sun, helping to warm the soil in chilled climates and after winter.


Mulching is applying a layer of landscaping ground cover with one of these,  Dyed Environmentally Safe Redwood, Brownwood, Blackwood, Premium Hardwood, Cedar, Cocoa Shell or Playsafe (Playground) Rubber Mulch, on the ground surface, around growing plants, in bewteen vegetable garden rows or around the play area for the kids.. Average thickness is 2 to 3 inches of mulch.