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Equipment & Supplies for liquid deicing, anti-ice treatments and dust control spraying


Anti Ice Liquid Spray Systems



12 VDC, 3 GPM/45 PSI electric diaphragm pump

Hydraulic Drive: 4.5 GPM @ 1,750 RPM (150 PSI) with Proportioning Valve, Bronze pump, bronze gears, stainless steel shaft.

30-gallon polymer reservoir (48"L x 13"W x 14"T)

55-gallon polymer reservoir (34"L x 23"W x 26"T)

105-gallon polymer reservoir (69"L x 20"W x 25"T)

200-gallon polymer reservoir (151"L x 28"W x 33"T)

Low Pressure-empty tank light/buzzer indicator

In-cab variable speed pump control (electric models)

Adjustable Hydraulic proportioning valve (hydraulic models)

Systems include tank, pump, cab controller, hoses, fittings, ball valve, filter, wiring, connectors, stainless steel brackets and tie downs

Enclosed pump system for corrosion resistance

304 stainless steel mounts


 Provides more efficient salt distribution with fewer applications required

Speeds the melting process & works at lower temperatures than salt

Residual material on the pavement last longer

Easy to use and maintain