Hide a Rock, Artificial Landscape Rocks

There are some things that nature-made-rocks can't do, like provide cover. That's not the case with Hide a Rocks. They are strong, lighweight and hollow imitation rocks that look like natural stone. Hide a Rock is the perfect solution for hiding unsightly wellheads, electrical boxes, tree stumps, irrigation equipment and other areas you would rather not see in your yard. Easy to move, these make excellent additions to the do-it-yourself landscaper. Need to hide wires? No problem, these rocks can be easily drilled to run hoses or wires through. And they are made right here in the USA.


Hide a Rock, Artificial Landscape Rocks

5 Reasons to Get a Hide-A-Key Rock

Inevitably, it happens at the worst times. The temperature is below zero or rain is pelting down. Perhaps you have a desperate need to use the facilities. That’s when you can’t seem to locate your house key anywhere. With just a tiny bit of advanced planning and a hide a key fake rock, you can prevent this problem from ever being repeated.


If you share your living space with family or friends, the likelihood of being stranded outside your home is increased exponentially. But with a hide a spare key fake rock, you can get beyond even the most severe key-related communication glitches. Under this authentic-looking rock hide a key of any kind, from house keys to car keys. Because it blends in with its surroundings, only you will know the hide a key rock has a dual purpose.


The hide a key fake rock also comes in handy when you are expecting company that may arrive at your residence before you do. How awkward would it be if your visitor had to stand forlornly outside your door waiting for minutes or even hours for you to get home? Instead, all you need to do is to make the person aware of your hide a spare key fake rock. They can then make themselves at home, safe from the elements as they await your arrival.


Any potential burglar worth their salt knows about the old trick of secreting a key under your doormat. Don’t leave yourself open to easy theft by using a hiding place that can be so easily guessed. Instead, using a rock to hide a key is far more discreet. The only trick is to remember where the hide a key rock is located.


Using a hide a key fake rock has another advantage as well. It protects your key from the elements. It won’t rust or disappear under a mound of wind-blown branches, leading to the needle-in-a-haystack effect. Even if your hide a spare key fake rock gets rained on or covered by debris, digging it out is fast and easy. Best of all, the key remains safely tucked inside.


People tend to overlook rocks and other landscaping articles, and that is definitely to your advantage when you are looking to keep your keys in a safe place. With a hide a key rock, only you need to know which of several similar stones is the one that holds your key. A potential burglar’s goal is to get into your home as quickly and unobtrusively as possible. Therefore, they will certainly not want to take the time to turn over several potential key keepers and will probably move on to a less secure home.

If you’re tired of getting locked out and want the many other convenient features that come with a key-hiding rock, check out what Angelos-supply has to offer. Discreet key placement doesn’t need to cost you an arm and a leg. And it’s a lot more effective than your old-school doormat. 


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