Drain Tile | Corrugated Pipe

Drain tile comes in a 4 inch diameter pipe available in Solid, Slotted, or Slotted with a Sock wrapped around the pipe to prevent sediment leaking into or blocking the pipe. Angelos / SiteOne has all the fittings you need for your drainage project including tees, couplers, downspout adapters, elbow, wyes, end caps, sump crocks, catch basins and popup emiters. Advanced Drainage Systems Drain tiles most common uses are the basement foundation waterproofing, culverts, french drains, sump water direction and trench drains on pool decks and in front of garage doors. Drain tile is also great for directing water from your downspouts away from your home.



Drainage Tile, fittings, tees, elbows, downspout adaptors, at Angelo's Supplies